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Feel free to email any questions or enquiries regarding the range and purchases.

Appointments can be made to view the collection at our showroom in Redfern, via email or phone.

Sales via our online store, Pop Up store or our online ETSY STORE opening in the first week of DEC 2016.


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Designed in Australia for the Australian lifestyle.

Inspired by India.


Coco & Raj marries traditional Indian hand block printing processes with a contemporary aesthetic.
Our original designs are printed onto 100% natural cotton, linen and silk; incorporating beautiful detailing, creating sophisticated yet casual, easy to wear clothing. 

The fast fashion industry is said to be second only to the oil industry in the amount of pollution it creates. We are trying to help right this wrong, by using local craftspeople, fair trade operations and natural fabrics as well as focusing on quality production rather than quantity. 

We support quality slowly made products, and produce long term pieces that will not be thrown away just because it is out of fashion but instead worn for many years.

How Coco & Raj Started

In the summer of 2015, I was on holiday, relaxing at a beautiful coastal town, wandering into the lovely little boutiques with a girl friend and looking at the clothes on display.

By the end of the holidays I was so frustrated that neither of us could buy the sort of clothes we wanted, at a reasonable price, in a size that fitted us, ie size 16 plus, that I decided to do something about it.

It seems that once the sizes reach 16, the clothes styling becomes "Nanna" and fabric, for some reason turns into polyester, or worse.

I decided to make simple, fun, wearable clothes for size 16 - 24, in natural fabrics - cotton and linen, with the  Australian lifestyle in mind.

We have added sizes 12 and 14 after feedback from customers who loved the style but wanted smaller sizes. 

Here are the results, I hope you like the range.




Our Clothing Range is hand printed on 100% cotton and linen.  Affordable, comfortable, and stylish. 

All our clothes are designed for the Australian lifestyle with a touch of indian flair and colour.

We create quality clothing while celebrating great craftsman skills, supporting hand made and sustainable clothing.

Online Store and details of our range are on the previous page.